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At last it’s the grand departure - By Alain

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Our luggage filled to capacity, all of the paper work in order, our hearts are sad to leave friends and family and our minds are open to absorb new surrounding. This morning, we left the Ottawa train station at 8h46 for the first leg of our voyage, the grand city of Toronto. Tonight, we will be taking a flight from Pearson Airport to the greatest beer and sausage festival – Oktoberfest in Munich.

Our Trip in numbers (planned):

40 000 km of travel
570lbs gross weight (luggage 190lbs and persons 380lbs)
277 days on the road
24 pairs of clean underwear
21 schoolbooks
17 scripts of prescription drugs
7 electronic devices (5 of which are Apple’s)
11 countries
6 capital cities (Rome, Paris, Quito, Lima, Madrid, San Jose)
4 continents
1 happy family

And a growing number of items on our “Bucket List”…

Play at the Village Astérix
Visit the Eiffel Tower
Dive in the Galapagos and visit Lonesome George (the tortoise)
See Julius Caesar’s Coliseum in Rome
Trek in Peru’s Sacred Valley and visit Machu Picchu
Go to Middle Earth – “la Mitad del Mundo” – on the line of the Equator
Paddle on the Amazon and experience night time in the jungle
Sleep in a tree house in the cloud forest
Visit Christopher Columbus’s tomb in Seville’s cathedral
Travel on the world’s most difficult train in Equator – Riobamba to Sibambe
Give back to the poorest in Equator and Peru
Do absolutely nothing for 10 days (preferably by a beach)
See a professional soccer game
Guided tour of the Vatican
Visit the Pompidou Modern Art Museum
Visit La Al-Hambra in Granada
Drink Arab Tea
Snorkel in company of tropical fish
Ride the metro in Paris
Visit the Versaillea and Neuschwanhein castles
Take the Cable car in Quito
Visit the comic book museum on Poitier
Take a boat taxi in Venise

Got to go... boarding in 30 min

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